Saturday, October 18, 2014

Top Ten Natural News Stories to Keep You up at Night

Stephan Neidenbach -

Natural News  has had some whoppers over the years. I asked my readers over on Facebook to submit some of the craziest. Make sure you are sitting down for this.

10. 20 dark predictions for 2013, the year of oppression and insanity
This is one of the articles Mike Adams tried to hide. Go there now and you will see a nice message about moving to more science based medicine. He just can't hide from the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine. Referring to 2013 as "1984 on steroids", he reminds us that he pretty much accepts any and all conspiracy theories. Many conservatives have their problems with President Obama, but Adams just takes every anti-Obama Facebook meme and brings them to life. It is one thing to disagree with an economic policy, it is one thing to hate an economic policy, it is another thing entirely to think President Obama has had a plan from Day 1 to willfully destroy the United States. This is the entire theme of his predictions until he randomly starts talking about solar flares. Even Rush Limbaugh would slowly back away from this one. Surprisingly he does predict more droughts. But other than mimicking a stopped clock being right twice a day, adding droughts to every other type of weather event he could think of doesn't really count. What year doesn't the planet get radical weather somewhere?
To come to this conclusion Adams uses two sources. A Japanese study is used in this article showing that vitamin D3 supplements may reduce the risk of influenza in school children. Then he cites himself in his claim that the flu vaccine reduces influenza symptoms by 1%. You read that correctly, he cited himself. It would be one thing if he cited another article of his with additional sources. Unfortunately the one he links to is just one large opinion piece with zero citations. He goes on to explain how a study "should" be done, by giving a placebo rather than preventative medicine to children. He also makes no mention of the small sample size of the study, and the fact that the authors did not know the vaccination status of the children in the study. The children were signed up at the hospital by their parents where they were being treated for almost anything, making this an extremely questionable study. 
I got so worked up about alt-med self references that I spent two years developing this comic just to complain about it. Passive aggressive enough?
"Dr." Brad Case is interviewed. He is a holistic chiropractor and naturopath. He accepts a long since disproved idea that disease does not actually enter the body, but certain conditions alter organisms called microzymes that already exist in the human body. Still with me? They even rewrite history. They claim microzymes were discovered in 1870. I can only assume they did this to make it look like it happened after events like the 1854 Broad Street cholera epidemic, which helped push scientists away from such ideas. It was actually listed as a cause of death in Great Britain as early as 1842
I took this one a little too personally. I was a teacher in Prince George's County at the time. His only source in the article is the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. If you want to know how anti-vaccine they are, Joseph Mercola is a member. Prince George's County may have over reacted a bit with their insistence on a courthouse appearance. "Parents may be free to become martyrs themselves. But it does not follow they are free, in identical circumstances, to make martyrs of their children," wrote Justice Rutledge in 1944 after the Supreme Court found in favor of Massachusetts in regards to mandatory vaccinations. Why might Prince George's County want to go to such lengths when they could just say don't come to school? In my opinion (Mike Adams needs to learn to use that phrase), it has to do with No Child Left Behind. Their 2005 and 2006 attendance rate fell below the 94% needed to meet their adequate yearly progress (AYP). They needed those parents to come to their senses and get their children vaccinated. Not only would it get them back in the building to count towards AYP, but the vaccines themselves would help prevent illness from spreading and keep them in the school buildings to count towards meeting AYP. This is conjecture on my part, but educated conjecture. I worked there and have a strong idea of how such a decision would get made. Whether or not there was heavy police presence with dogs, I really don't know. But a court house in Prince George's County is likely to have armed police and dogs on any given day. Especially when more than 1,000 irate parents are coming in. Can you imagine having to deal with 1,000 parents of the type not to vaccinate their children all in the same day?
Prince George's County Public Schools
Every so often I mention chemtrails on my Facebook Page. I always end up feeling guilty as some reader of mine is exposed to the term for the first time. Sorry. Welcome to social media.
Here, Adams thinks the idea that a failed search is so unbelievable that he puts it on the same level as teleportation through time and/or space. He then goes on to admit he believes in the Bermuda Triangle myth. It all makes sense though when you understand that he is a fan of David Icke. 
David Icke's own words are simply republished here. The claim is that HIV does not cause AIDS. This really goes back to two scientists from different countries that discovered the HIV virus at pretty much the same time. Gallo from the United States and Montagnier from France both published the discovery of HIV in the same issue of Science in 1983.  Montagnier did not feel that at the time HIV causing AIDS was conclusive, and Gallo presented evidence that it was conclusive. They became rivals. AIDs denialists like to mention a Dr. Wilner who was a denialist that actually infected himself on television with HIV twice in the 90s. He died of a heart attack less than two years later. They love to cherry pick quotes from Montagnier himself, who as a rival to Gallo, remained skeptical for a short time. The truth is that there is no basis for thinking Montagnier maintained that doubt much into the 90s. He even made amends with Gallo in 2002, writing a history of their discoveries together for Science. Please also note that David Icke actually thinks we are being controlled by lizard people.

Adams did a decent job deleting this one. A visit to the Internet Archice: Wayback Machine just pulled up the edited page with a retraction. But enough people grabbed the screenshots to see that it did get posted there. Click the link directly above to see one page where it has been hosted. For a brief period of time Natural News readers were told they could make their own Ebola remedy by collecting bodily fluids from someone who was infected. 

This is another one that Adams tried to hide. The Wayback Machine caught it. The article actually depicts a pile of dead victims of the Holocaust next to a bottle of Roundup. Anyone who voices an opinion that differs from that of Adams is placed on the same level as Nazi collaborators. Bt crops are compared to Zyclon B. A seed company that pulls in barely more revenue than Whole Foods Market is compared to a government that attempted to conquer Europe. He then proceeds to scare the living daylights out of anyone reading it that might disagree with him. Adams writes about how Germany recently celebrated those individuals that attempted to assassinate Hitler with this quote from the German government, "it is the moral right -- and even the obligation -- of human beings everywhere to actively plan and carry out the killing of those engaged in heinous crimes against humanity." He immediately follows this quote with a rant about pro-biotech publishers, journalists, and scientists being equated with Joseph Goebbells. Adams then calls on "someone" to publish a web page naming these individuals. "Someone" does.  He then adds two updates. The first to mention the web page inspired by his story, and the second claiming the page was actually made by the biotech industry to discredit GMO alarmists. Evidence came out that Adams created the web page himself, and that the FBI opened an investigation. Frankly he is lucky that none of his 2013 predictions came true. I don't think Big Brother would have put up with it.
"For the record, the collapse of WTC 7 was, without question, caused by planned demolition explosives. After reviewing the actual facts of what happened, only a completely insane (or irrational) person could conclude anything other than that."
"Increasingly, Sandy Hook looks like it might have been staged as well."